This weekend I went to Napa to take part in the Echelon Gran Fondo Bike Ride.  This event was a first for the City of Napa and 1,000 cyclists took part. The event raised money for Cancer research – a cause that can benefit us all! In addition, to the ride Napa also hosted a 5k run/walk and a kids only 1/2 run.  This all happened in the center of downtown  Napa on a Sunday morning, May 23.  What a great event!

Here in Petaluma we could easily accommodate such an event without disrupting traffic or businesses.  Water street, which has no through traffic, Walnut Park which is not used on a Sunday morning or the A-street Parking lots are all ideal locations for race expos and registration.  The run itself on the streets like B which are not busy on a Sunday.  It is disheartening that Petaluma who had the first marathon west of the Mississippi that ran from 1935 to 1947 doesn’t have a run that isn’t confined to Helen Putnam or Shollenberg Parks.

I had not been to Napa for a long time and now look forward to going back to enjoy an afternoon of shopping and dinning.  All good for the soul after a long ride!

Let me know your thoughts on a Run/Walk in downtown Petaluma.   Remember it is more than a once time event. Run/Walks benefit local charities, are great family events and show case our town.


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