On July 4th, I jumped out of bed and laced up my shoes and headed to the Kenwood Footrace. This is the oldest 10k race in California and I have done it every year since moving to the USA 13 years ago.  For the occasion I had my toe nails done in the red, white and blue and wore my USA tri-shorts. This race is as much about style as it is about speed. Not to be out done by me, my husband, JT Wick, wore his USA shoes and flag shorts.

The race is a challenging 10k hilly course. A total of 46 Petaluma runners, 24 women and 22 men,  participated in this race of 741 runners.  The first runner in from Petaluma and 5th overall in the race was Bjorn Griepenbury, 20, who won his age group finishing in 34.42.1; 2nd in from P-town was Forrest Shaffer, 17, who also took 1st in 15-19 in 35.09; 3rd- Austin Minnick 17, 2nd in age group, 38.41; 4th- Tyler Harwood, 17, 38.46.0; 5th- Ian Inman, 23, 41.07; 6th- Chris Webb, 42, 43.08.07; 7th- Stephen Fisher, 16, 44.58.3; 8th- Jax Reiff, 16, 45.08.9; 9th- Ron Svinth, 50, 45.37; and 10th in from Petaluma wearing his Red, White and Blue shoes, Hubby JT Wick in 46.24!

The first women and overall winner was Mel Belluomini, 32, 40.36.7.  Mel grew up in Petaluma and ran for Casa Grande. She works in Petaluma at Athletic Soles so we are counting her as one of us!  2nd in from Petaluma and 13th overall in women’s, yours truly Holly Wick, 52 and 2nd in age group;  3rd- Taylor Falk 17, 46.58.1; 4th-  Jennifer Brazinsky 42 and 3rd in her age group 48.43.5;  5th-  Chloe Hall 14 and 1st in her age group, 50.14; 6th- Courtney Dickson 34 who just ran the dreaded double Dipsea! 53.35.1; 7th- Katie Debernardi, 16 54.53.1; 8th- Shirley Lewis 44, 55.15.4; 9th- Tina Wolfe 47, 55.20.8; 10th- Nina Dolcini, 25, 56.20.  Shout out to Wendi Aredell who ran her PR!

In the 3k race Petaluma took top honors.  This is a very fast course and Petaluman Jacquie Taylor, 17, was finished before most of the course had done the first mile.  She was the top female runner in a time of 10:53.1.   Just behind her  Dominique Ratto , 17 , who was 3rd overall in women’s and 2nd in her age group.  Other Petaluma runners included Joy Brazil, 42, who won her age group, and Janet McCann ,51, who won her age group and Debra Sojka, 41, who took 3rd in her age group.  Go ladies!!

In the men’s 3k race Petaluman Spencer Hall, 17 , finished 2nd in the race and 1st in his age group.  Spencer rocked this course in 9:22.09 that’s a 5.02 pace.  WOW! Other Petalumans include Clark Bernard, 16 who took 5th overall and 3rd in his age group 10.10.5;  Joe Murtagh, 23 who took 3rd in his age group 12:01.1;  Taylor Pistone, 14,  and Bryce Burgess 17.  Check out check all the results .

Of all the amazing runners at Kenwood I have to tip my hat off to the 70-74 year old men.  These are the folks that have lived the good life and as a result are strong and fit in their 70’s. The winner of this division was Russ Kiernam of Mill Valley, 72. He averaged 8.03 pace on this very hilly course!  Russ is no stranger to this race and has probably done it every year.  Hopefully, when I am 72 years old you will find me on the same course!

Keep the up the pace Petaluma.

In the 3k course a flat, fast course another 32 Petalumans participated in a field of 452.

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