December 5th was the 28th California International Marathon (CIM). The winner was a Canadian, Dylan Wykes, 27 who ran a 2:12:39 which is a mind blowing 5:04 mile pace!  The top female was Debra Buzunesh, 23 of Ethiopia, who ran a 2:32:11 (5:49 pace).  Let’s face it, professional runners have the genetics of super humans.  So let’s focus on us mortals from Petaluma.

Of the 5,879 runners that finished the marathon 27 were from Petaluma, 16 women and 11 men.  The fastest runner from Petaluma was Mich Kothe, 21, who ran an impressive 3:10:44, averaging a 7:17 pace.  Not bad for the kid’s first marathon! Mitch, aka, “The Wabbitt”  ran cross country for Petaluma High School.  He also trains in the early morning track workouts with the folks from Athletic Soles. Second from P-town was newcomer  John Richard, 40 who ran a 3:12:15 (7:21).  The third fastest and fastest Petaluma women was Kim Baumann, 43, who ran a very impressive 3:13:23 (7:23). Kim get lots of practice chasing around her two daughters and as an elementary school teacher at Grant School.

Marathon runners come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be your neighbor or the gal at the check out. They have to juggle the demands of training with work, family and chores. So please join me in congratulating all of the runners from Petaluma They focused on a goal, worked hard, trained smart and cross the finish line with a smile!  They area all Pros:

Philip Schaefer, Beckie Newell,  Dario Zea,  Carmina Stremlau, JT Wick,  Kim Sanders,  Patrick Sammon,  Carol Pili,  Maria Svinth, Tammy Renstrom, Deborah Dalton, Jocelyn Guite, Will Whalen, Steven Hancock, Wendi Arendell, Jonathon White, Michaela Baltasar, Kyle Restad, Sharon Murotsune, Jaana Nieuwboer and Sarah Lucchesi.

Happy Fitness to all.

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