Thanks for Friends, Fitness & Endorphins!

2011 has been a difficult year for me.  So when I was out for a run I started to reflect on the past year.  What is there for me to be thankful for this Thanksgiving??? Somewhere around mile 3 or 4 the endorphins started to kick in and I realized that I had so much [...]

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Nike Women’s Marathon 2011

The Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon was held on Sunday, October 17th.  This is the 8th Annual Event.  Every year it gets bigger and harder to get into.  Over 22,000 lucky women and a handful of men participated in the San Francisco event.  The location makes this race the best of the Nike Women's [...]

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Carousel Fund Run 2011- Ellis Creek

The Carousel Fund Run was held on Sunday, October 9th.  It was a beautiful morning and a fitting setting to run in memory of Danny Cox, a local track star who passed away this summer.  Danny's father was at the event and ran his first 5k to get second place in his division.  All in [...]

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Running with Your Dog!

Sure they are "man's best friend" but you can also think of your dog as a treadmill with fur! Dogs are not only great companions but they are also great training partners. I have never meet a dog who didn't want to go for a walk. The mere mention of the "w" word can get [...]

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The Relay- A Run From Calistoga to Santa Cruz

This weekend you might have seen more runners than usual along the roadside.  Even in the mid-night hours, runners with reflective clothing, headlights and lots of will power ran under starry skies. This weekend marked The Relay a 196 mile annual run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz.  This monster of a run has 32 legs, [...]

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7th Annual Petaluma Footrace!

The 7th Annual Petaluma Footrace took place on April 10 with 940 local runners and walkers participating in what has become the kick off to the  Petaluma  Butter & Eggs week long celebrations.  As you may know, this event benefits the Adobe Schools Kids (A.S.K.) Foundation.  The Petaluma Footrace was started by two Casa Grande [...]

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Personal Bests

My fastest half marathon time was on one of my favorite courses, The Humbolt Half Marathon (1:34). Running through the Avenue of the Giants is a humbling experience. These trees have been there longer than mankind! Thousand year old timbers looking down at us humans like we are ants.  The tall trees are also magically. [...]

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A Change of Course…

2011 was going to be a big year for me. It was going to be my return to the full Ironman after two years of racing half Ironmans and building up speed. I already signed up for August 2011 Ironman Canada – one of most popular and challenging courses in triathlon.  I placed third in [...]

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27 Petalumans Finish CIM Marathon

December 5th was the 28th California International Marathon (CIM). The winner was a Canadian, Dylan Wykes, 27 who ran a 2:12:39 which is a mind blowing 5:04 mile pace!  The top female was Debra Buzunesh, 23 of Ethiopia, who ran a 2:32:11 (5:49 pace).  Let's face it, professional runners have the genetics of super humans.  [...]

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Blind Ambition

Imagine swimming 1.2 miles, then jumping on a bike and cycling 56 miles and finally running a half  marathon.  It is called a 70.3 or Half  Ironman.  It sounds extreme but with proper training it can be as fun as it is rewarding.  Thousands of participants from across the country and abroad come to challenge [...]

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