Run Safe

Running helps me escape from the harsh realities of daily life.  However, sometimes this proves to be a difficult course.  Last week a woman was attacked while running in the same sleepy neighborhood that I run in.  The same neighborhood where I raised my kids.  Who would of thought that such a thing could have [...]

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Runnin’ in the Rain!

Gene Kelly liked to sing and dance in the rain, since I am not much of a singer or a dancer, I run in the rain.  If you are planning to race any time from November 1- April 30 you might find yourself racing in the rain. If you are going to race in the [...]

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Skunked on a Run!

On Tuesday morning I decided to go out to Shollenberger  Park for a 10 mile run with my girlfriend Carol. It was 6 am when we started out from the parking lot at the Sheraton Hotel.  I had a running light on - you know the kind that makes you look like a miner!  The trail [...]

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Baring Your Sole – Benefits of Barefoot Running

Barefoot running has once again captured our imagination.  In the early 60’s it was made popular by Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia.  At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome Bikila was a last minute substitute in the marathon.  So when he couldn’t find a pair of shoes that fit him correctly he decided to run barefoot, [...]

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How to Speak “Run”!

"Got some Gu? I don't want to bonk when we do fartleks."  Understanding the runners' language is like trying to understand your teen's text messages! It's a whole other language and it can be very confusing. So what does it all mean? I can't help you with the texting thing, but here's the scoop on [...]

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Cause to Run…

Participating in local runs/walks are great personal challenges and good for our physical and mental health.  Many charities are now turning to the running/walking communities for their support. These runs can provide inspiration to both the participant in the event and to those benefiting from the charity. Last year  I helped to organize the First Annual [...]

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Fitting in Family, Friends, Fun & Fitness

I love going on vacation.  It is a great time to kick back, relax and reconnect with family and friends.  My workouts will take a back seat during this time but that doesn't mean that I will be putting my feet up and drinking margaritas all day! I am an active person.  Some well meaning [...]

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Toenails – Why Do Runners Have Them?

If you are a runner, chances are you have had some issues with your toenails. My good friend Jenny just ran a 50 mile race and lost 6 of her toenails.  Actually, she didn't lose them on the run.  They turned a beautiful shade of blackish blue. Some fell off  and the others were removed to [...]

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Petaluman Chris Wolff Goes the Distance!

On Saturday, July 17, Petaluman Chris Wolff woke up at 3:00am and had a quick breakfast, he then jumped on a shuttle to the start of the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile run. This race begins at 6am at Spooner Lake (elevation 7000') on the South/East Shore of Lake Tahoe. The course reaches a high [...]

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Petalumans Power Out at Vineman 70.3

Sunday, July 18th, was the 20th anniversary of the Vineman 70.3 triathlon.  This is a major sports event for Sonoma County and an international star in the triathlon world! Professionals and amateurs come from New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain,  Canada and beyond to race here in beautiful Sonoma County! This is the race that most of [...]

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