Petaluman Runs with Ostriches!

Friends of mine have asked me if I find my find running boring.  Boring?? Hardly!  Almost all of my runs are little adventures.  Some runs are more adventurous than others.  When I lace up my shoes and head out the door I never know what adventures will be coming my way. One of my most [...]

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Petalumans Rock at July 4th Run!

On July 4th, I jumped out of bed and laced up my shoes and headed to the Kenwood Footrace. This is the oldest 10k race in California and I have done it every year since moving to the USA 13 years ago.  For the occasion I had my toe nails done in the red, white [...]

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July 4 – The Freedom to Run!

July 4th runs are almost as popular as picnics and fireworks.  Most communities have a 10k or a 5k run to celebrate the holiday.  It is a great way to burn off the calories that you are going to take in during the day.  Kinda of a pre-emptive strike before the barbeque, beer and chips. [...]

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HOT FLASHES – (Surviving running in the heat)

Finally summer is here - so bring on the heat!  As a triathlete  I have to run in the heat of the mid day sun during an event.   So training in the heat is necessary to preform in the heat! Yeah that's me running the I Street to San Antonio to D Street loop, under [...]

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The Dipsea Footrace

The Dipsea footrace turned 100 years old on Sunday, June 13th.  The race started in 1905 and takes runners from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach.  (The Dipsea was suspended for 6 years during the great depression due to financial hardship and again during World War II when the Army occupied most of Mt. Tamalpais and closed [...]

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Petalumans Run the Hit the Jack 10k/2.2m

On Sunday, June 6th was the 23rd Annual Hit the Road Jack 10K/2.2 Mile run. It started in the downtown square in beautiful Sonoma with just over 1400 runners and walkers. More Petaluma Women showed up on race morning than Petaluma men.  Hopefully, some of the guys were at home taking care of the kids [...]

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Stinky Feet Therapy

Last Thursday when it was pouring rain you might have seen me out running. No, I'm not crazy, just in need of some "run therapy".  Sometimes, I run more for mental and spiritual therapy than for physical fitness. This was one of those mornings. Earlier that morning I  just wanted to curl up in a [...]

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Running History in P-Town….

Sometimes we have to look to the past for inspiration.  Petaluma, as we all know, was and still is know for chickens.  Yeah, we are chicken town USA but we also have a rich history in running and not after chickens! Petaluma had the first marathon west of the Mississippi that ran from 1935 - [...]

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Community Runs/Walks in Downtown Petaluma

This weekend I went to Napa to take part in the Echelon Gran Fondo Bike Ride.  This event was a first for the City of Napa and 1,000 cyclists took part. The event raised money for Cancer research - a cause that can benefit us all! In addition, to the ride Napa also hosted a [...]

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The Westside Relays have being going on in Petaluma for over 35 years.  If you are not sure what this event is just ask anyone who went to Elementary School in Petaluma in the past 35 years!  They will tell you that it is the premiere event, the coming of age, for all 5th & [...]

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